What's the best way to get HD movies "on demand"

I am curious if Apple TV, Mac Mini, Direct TV, or some of the blue ray players with BD live/netflix is the best way to go? Or something else...

Apple TV seems to have the best interface but only 720p and seems like its time for a update.

Who has the best choices in programming? Will use this via HDMI and front projector.

Thanks in advance
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One of them, I think it's Vudu advertises 1080 (i?) movies. I have AppleTV and it looks great, a little better than a standard DVD, not quite BluRay, but still great. Sound is v good, but not like the HD tracks BluRay.

All in all, I never rent discs anymore. I download it off of iTunes, and that has been getting faster and faster.
And what about getting a TiVo????

I have the standard "HD" model (which has a 160 GB Hard Disk) that is listed for $300.00.

However, I bought a refurbished one..... so I saved about $100.00 off the price.

And then, there is the "HD-XL" model, and that model lists for $600.00. The difference between the standard model and the deluxe model is that the deluxe model has a 1 TB Hard Disk compared to the standard model, which has a 160 GB Hard Disk. The deluxe model is also THX Certified, and it has a premium remote (which is available as an option for MY model). Both models are expandable and external hard disks can be added to them for added recording storage.

And like the VuDu, you can also get HD Movies on demand, and it outputs up to 1080i, or you can select native or hybrid modes as well

And like the VuDu...... picture and sound are wonderful, but they are not quite up to Blu-Ray levels. If you want something on THAT level, you still need to have a Blu-Ray Player installed into your system.

Right now, there doesn't seem to be a substitute for having a Blu-Ray Player in your system.

Let us know what you decide to go with.....


Directv has movies on demand, some in 1080p but just dolby digital. 5.1. You need internet access for STB. I bought a wireless linksys which works great. Just saw a flick the other night. Saved $25 by not getting the bluray. Pic was awesome but audio, well... I save buying the blurays for the special movies as I have some 1200 dvd's and running out of space. Download of a 1080p movie took an hour or so. You don't pay for it til you watch it-you have 24hrs from when you download. Great addition to my HT.
...the directv HD DVR was only $200 - upto 1080P. Wireless adapter $70. Time to install-less than an hour. Fun watching $6.00 movies...priceless.
I just get the real BluRays sent to me in the mail.
Takes 1 or 2 days but I get 3 at a time.
Absolute best? Kaleidescape system loaded with a bunch of DVDs, with upcoming Blu-Ray support. Cheapest? Definately not . . . like everything in life.
Kaleidescape system is excellent. Now that you can Loadall your BlueRAy cds they can be viewed on demand. I have a customer who owns 2 5unit servers with 6 players that he needs to dispose off. I can arrange official ownership transfer if you are interested. Call or email:tchellaram@gmail.com or (832)858-3855. Taro
Do you still have to store your disks in the system?