What's better than Linn Akito Mk2 in a Linn mount?

I know "better" is subjective (the Akito Mk2 is not bad), but for low to mid compliance carts how far would I have to go to noticably better this arm? I'd like to stay with a Linn or Linn-compatible mount.
The Ittok or Ekos will both better the Akito. How much better? Depends on how good a listener you are.
Thanks Chayro. In the past I've tried to look for a late era Ittok but never seemed to get hold of one. Do you know if there are any non-Linn arms that use the same mounting dimensions?
I believe some of the Pro-ject arms, like the one on the Majik, will fit, but will it be an upgrade? Not sure about that one. There are a few Ittoks and Ekos on Ebay now. Take a look.