What parts of a TT create soundstage and PRAT ?

I don't know squat about turntables.

I'm trying to get a grasp of what pieces of a turntable are responsible for what.That way when I ask a question and get an answer by you good folks I won't draw blanks in my head when I get a reply.

Such as:

what part is responsible for PRAT?
What part is responsible for soundstage?
What is responsible for clarity?
And on and on and on.

Is there a book I can read?
Is there a magazine article that describes all this?

Try and fill in this blank piece of paper for me.
Bible would do nicely on ocassion.
Sorry,I meant on occasion.
I like it! First you start with subjective expressions without very clear meaning and then you try to correlate them with something physical on, of all things, a turntable! Great day in the morning! Will wonders ever cease? Folks firmly believe you can't even correlate some known phenomena with numbers and now you want to by-pass all that and juxtapose expressions used loosely by audiophiles to what is used in building the equipment? It's all magic, pixie dust and snake oil! Everything counts: good motor, good platter design, good platter bearing, good suspension, good coupling of the vinyl record to the platter, good arm geometry, good arm mass, good arm bearings, good cartridge working into the proper load, good preamp with flawless RIAA compensation, proper clean and undamaged stylus and, above all else, proper set-up.
Inna's suggestion makes a lot of sense, and also, she is to be commended for correcting her spelling mistake. :)

Pbb's comments are likewise, sensible and on the mark. There are just too many variables in a good turntable system; to correlate particular audiophile subjective terms with different parts of this complex electro-mechanical system, I fear, is beyond the scope of mere mortals.

Why do we humans try to categorize and label everything imaginable? Damn, I hate that! The "If it doesn't fit neatly into this particular, narrow compartment, I simply can't/won't deal with it!," mentality.

But to answer Tweakster's question, PRAT, soundstage, clarity, and on and on, are all closely related to those parts that ensure speed-stability, freedom from undesirable resonance, and, perfect electro-mechanical integration and performance. Pretty much what Pbb said.
Hey!I am "he" not "she";I just work undercover.
What kind of clothing do you wear to "work undercover?"

Maybe Tim the Tireguy should be asking about this.
I've no idea what prat is... I put equal $ amounts into the TT and arm, and roughly half that into the cart.

Coming off a 3-day weekend burning in a new cart - 20 hrs they tell me - which is 60, silent, LP sides...
Ya,ok so maby I asked too much too fast.
I just wan't to be able to understand TT's a little better.
My sincere apologies to Mikhail (Inna).

My comment was meant to be a joke. Sorry if this was in poor taste, no disrespect intended.
Just the problem I have been working on.

My DIY prototype.
Design overview

Just a small turn of the The Soundstage "set nut" makes all the diference.

I remain,