looking for a recording with nice wide soundstage

So I finally dialed in my room. I picked up some acoustic panels from an audio store that was going out of business and now everything sounds fantastic. That was the missing link in the room. Roger Waters Amused to Death album sounds scary good with sounds coming from behind and either side on a 2 channel system.
Looking for some suggestions on CDs that have a very wide sound stage. I once heard a demo years ago of a pair of Watt puppys and two tracks transported me from a smokey little jazz club to a huge arena. Looking for some suggestions to do the same thing. Any ideas?
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I believe that Amused is a Q Sound recording. IME, all the Q Sound stuff has great (and pretty much unique to that system) staging/imaging. I'd do a search on Q Sound and see if any titles appeal to you.
second the Q sound recordings. Many listed on their site
The cd title "Buddy & Julie Miller" by, oddly enough, Buddy and Julie Miller. The song Dirty Water has a sound stage that is simply jaw dropping. It may be hard to find, it's a 2001 release.
Oystein Sevag's "Global House" CD from many years ago, still available on Amazon/from various Amazon sellers. Track 2 in particular has incredibly wide sound staging with digeridoos which open up far left (at least 6-8 feet) of the left speaker, pan across simiarly to the far right and beyond and then hit you from both left and right extremes. Fun music on the disc as well including a t-storm effect track with bouncing keyboard runs with alot of left->right traversal action.
Also Dead Can Dance's latest album "Anastasis", extremely wide, deep, tall and enveloping soundstage.....
RCA Living Stereo Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall, Rhythm Devils River Music, Percussion Music on Nonesuch label, The Civil War on Mercury Living Presence and lots of others.
Just played Runnin's suggestion; he is right, its awesome. Made me realize, once again, I need to change nothing in my setup other than better recorded music. The single thing over which I have zero control. But, I am a happy man here. Satisfied. Not envious of anything else out there. Its good enough for me. For all time.
Funny, I just picked up the Buddy miller cd noted above from the library. I have always liked River's Going To Run but forgot about most of the other cuts, As Rpeluso says, when you are questioning your system pull out a few well recorded discs to double check your thinking. Too many months of average SQ music (especially recent stuff) will make you forget what you actually have.

PS - who knew Buddy would become such a star, leading RP's Band of Joy and all the Americana Awards bands. If you haven't seen some of these shows seek them out - they repeat on cable fairly regularly.
Nick Cave and Bad Seeds, Live at KRCW, Record Store Day release. Amazing production by Bob Clearmountain.
Medina, by Cecil from Cordoba. Extends way past speakers.
Sorry for the last post, didn't see the CD reference.
"Jazz at the Pawnshop" is an audiophile favorite. I haven't heard the CD version, but I use my vinyl release to initiate "newbies" into what a home based audio system can do. Its Swedish musicians trying to emulate some of the great American jazz artists like Paul Desmond. On a good system, it can transport you right into the nightclub. I don't play it for myself very often. Why? Because I have tons of recordings of the guys they are trying to emulate. Why drink Near Beer when you have Newcastle on hand? Give it a try though ... you'll enjoy it.

Here, its available on Ebay:

Try Private Investigations from the Love Over Gold cd by Dire Straits.
Sara Bareilles: Brave Enough....Live at the Variety Playhouse

Trust me...
Kraftwerk double live CD