What model are my DCM Time Window speakers if the seril numbers are 7677 & 7677?

I’m selling my DCM Time Window Speakers that I inherited from my father. Not sure about the model but I do know the serial numbers are 7676 & 7677. The speakers are very heavy and are 36 x 11 3/4 x 9 1/2. Anyone know what the model number are? Anyone want to buy them?

Also have NAD 3150 & 4150 for sale with a SONY carousel CD player and Akai cassette deck.

Post a picture,or contact the company! They might be these????

I use to sell dcm .If i could see them they were great speakers.
They made a time window.... then came out with a 1 and a 3 
they also made excellent time frames the 750 and 2000 were great.They all were transmission design .The time window 3 sounded great and just ripped .. 
good luck ]
they were also mirror imaged hense the numbers

Funny, after all these years I only thought about my Time Windows yesterday, when I replied to post about how old speakers may sound great with today's electronics. Then today, here's an inquiry about the Time Windows.

I was under the impression that Time Windows is the name of the DCM model. I purchased mine in 1977. However, I don't remember them being very heavy.
Heavy? the time window was a dcm speaker then they came out with a time window 1 for about 800bks in like 87 or so followed by the time window 3 for about 1500 .then they introduced a time frame kinda looked like the ole polks thin and flat transmission line also .the tw3 were great speakers and would sound great today.The tf 750 was nice the tf2000 were huge and like 2g ...
i had most of them and ran tandberg or luxman most of the era.
the tw originals i see for like 200-400 bks in frisco craigs. the 3 are tougher to find they are around 300-500 the tf 2000 i never see ..
good luck