What is the sweetest sounding tube intergrated amp

What is the sweetest sounding tube amp or intergrated amp $2000 to $3000 range or what is the sweetest sounding tubes I like sweet luscious sound I have a RM9 tube amp now with EL34,S now. I can use KT88,S but i was told 34,s are sweeter.I have demoed a 300b amp by golden tube audio wich was better but i want more. The input tubes on my RM9 were 6dj8.s I swtched to sovetec witched helped alot but i need a sweeter sound I should of gave you all more information the speakers i use are EDGARHORN SYSTEM 80 approximately 103DB SPL.In a room 16by13 and I dont use a preamp I go directly from my cd player to amp. I had a scott 299c intergrated amp best sounding amp I ever had but it went down I prefer newer stuff for reliability any advice on intergrated amp also that intergrated amp had magic
A sweet -- & at the same time quite resolving -- integrated is the Pathos. It's a hybrid. As to its being the "sweetest", I can't say! Cheers
The Cary 300 SEI goes for about $2500 (used). You may need an insulin injection after hearing this unit with the right speakers or headphones. (Western Electric 300B Tubes/15wpc)
Audiomat Arpege with Electro Harmonics EL 34 power tubes and Mullard 12 AX 7 preamp stage tubes.
Jolida JD1000 with Sevetlana EL34's and Telefunken 12AT's in the pre-amp. I'm about to try the Electro Harmonics EL 34 power tubes.