what is doing Arnie Nudell?

after his departure from Genesis, some voices were announcing his collaboration to AV123 ... since then absolute silence ... what is doing this "génie" ? ... any new project?

the big Infinity & Genesis are still among my favourite loudspeakers
The last thing I heard about Mr. Nudell was that he was very sick....I hope I'm wrong.
I read on the PS Audio website some time ago that he was working on a new speaker. I'm curious, too, but haven't gotten around to emailing Paul on the PS Audio site.
Check it out. There's a good size article there somewhere in the newsletter section.
I believe that he is doing better. He IS actively involved in developing a new speaker with Mark Schifter of av123, but it will be a new brand. I think they are hoping to have a sample available at RMAF.
Any news on what Mr. Nudell is doing lately?....