What is best hybrid at sane price point?

Unison,Pathos Clssic Mk.II,DK Designs or others-Which of these are best if price is less than $5K or better yet $3K? Also anybody think will have Class D outputs with glass front ends in tegrgrateds any time soon?Give up tube rollers some fun while as I have put in my othe posts bignames like Bel Canto,PS Audio,Nuforce (which strictly speaking are analogue but are tiny,have small power draw,run cooly,and use high speed switching tech that Class D is reliant on.Others have mentioned a few more dif\gital poroducts but they are in nose bleed territory price wise and want to know about ACCESIBLE gear.

As I have said product that iompressed me and feind who bought it was DEQX who helped build the sub/sat NHT system that made everybody wet their pants when they heard it and DEQX is cheaper than Tact by big margion and has both digital take over of crsovers (and all speaker elemenst) to optomize performance (*freind made 20 year old Dahlquist sound almost as good as a $10K Steeophile Class A speaker).Plus the DEQX does the room correction like TacT to boot.Think in 5 years regular x-overs will be thing of past and even die hard LP types like myself with tube phono's will allow speker to have analogue input that converts everything to digital for correction/optimization and it will be fed into low draw,cool,small digital amps that sound great.It's a future having n analogue(as opposed to digital) set of ears that I do did not see coming.I rue it in theory but smile in practice.Whoi woulda thunk it?But back to integrateds andy tube/digital hybrids out there anybopdy has heard of???
As ever thanks and double thanks for allowing for bad typing.
Maybe the Sonic Frontiers SFL-1, the ARC LS-1 & LS-2.
How about the new Van Alstine Ultra series preamps and amps?
Chazz, if you want a hybrid amp with a glass front end then you must add the Van Alstine FetValve to the list. I was a solid state guy for a long time and recently went to a FetValve 550EXR. Very much a glimpse into the best of both worlds. It's fast, articulate, organic, natural, and has a low end that is clear and deep. Frank has recently updated the design to an Ultra level; I understand it primarily improves the overall transparency of the amp. I'm tempted to upgrade, but I'm so happy with the version I have that I haven't convinced myself it's necessary.