What hapened to VAC Phi 2.0 preamp

I noticed that VAC was producing that preamp before and it supposed to be it's top of the line product. I found it mentioned on the forums and the comments were good, so I looked it up on their web site and found they only have the VAC Phi 300 amp and the Phi integrated amp. There is still the Renaissance Signature Mk II preamp. Is the Ren better then? Thanks for the replies.
I suspect we'll see a new Phi series preamp that will use the same larger chassis as the new 300 amp and the Beta integrated.

If there is a new Phi preamp coming, I hope it's available without the phono stage, like the Ren. Sig MKll. The phono stage adds $4000.00!
I'm a VAC fan, but I wish they'd stretch the shelf-life of their products. Kevin seems to retire models in only a few years...at least with the Phi series.

On the other hand, the release of the new Phi preamp would seem to portend good prices on used expamples of the previous model, thus an excellent opportunity to acquire an original Phi preamp.
The Phi 2.0 is still in production, but Kevin mentioned the machining the chasis of this product is labor intensive and has caused him to consider changing the chasis but not the circuitry. It is an absolutely beatiful piece of equipment. When I ordered it I originally wanted the Signature, but Kevin felt the Phi was equal, if not better than the Signature, so I took his recommendation and saved the extra coin the Signature would have cost.
So, hifimaniac, you think they can be made on order?
It is definitely the most beautiful tube preamp I have ever seen.
Glad to hear the Phi 2.0 lives on. I'd hate to think I've already got a collectors' item after 11 months! For the type of sound I was looking for, Kevin said it wasn't even close between the Ren Signature and the Phi 2.0 (which I consequently got). I don't use the phono stage, so maybe I could have saved a few bucks with the Sig, but I wanted the newest design that fit my ear. The Phi just keeps sounding better as other parts of my system finally break in.

Apparently the original Sig circuitry, etc. is very time-consuming to fabricate, which accounts for the higher price(with phono), but not necessarily better sound as compared to the Phi. I am VERY happy with the 2.0, plus, as already mentioned, it just looks GREAT!
Feniks, yes, I think you could still order the Phi in the configuration it is, but it takes a while to build. Having said that, the wait is worth it. I couldn't be happier with all the VAC equipment I own now. It is the most musical I have ever owned and as I have mentioned too often, it has the speed and dynamics of solid state, but with the three dimensional, musical, inner detail of tubes. I haven't heard this quality in any of the other tube manufacturers I listened to; many were too colored or too lean!
Yes, the Phi 2.0 is definitely still in production and can be ordered.
Do you think it fits well with Sonus Faber speakers, namely the new Amati.
I don't think there is very much this preamp won't fit well with, except maybe poor amplification for the load being driven. Paired with a VAC Phi 300, and the Amatis, for example, you would probably never want to leave your listening room! I was also looking at the Amatis, but decided to do some home improvements instead.
Thank you all for your info. Reading everything on the forums on the VAC preamp and amps, I think it will be my next system. I only need to start saving now.
I wish that I could save some money, but all my pants' pockets have holes in them.