What does everyone think of Zu Cables Wax?

I recently traded my Naim amps for a YBa Passion, and my speakers are Audio Physic Virgos. I need to find speaker cables to replace my Naim cables. I bough some cheapo Belden wire recently, but it doesn't do it for me, so I guess I am beginning to think that there may be something to cables afterall. I have been considering Kimber 8TC, Oval 9, and Anti-cables. I'm somewhat intrigued by Zu- does anyone have any experience with these cables, aprticulalrly the Wax model.

When I owned the Passion, Bruce, I used Sonoran Plateau speaker cables. Though thick, they were amazing. Detailed, open at the top--the whole nine of grandiloquent adjectives. They (Starsound Technologies) have a money back guarantee policy. You cannot beat that with a stick. Now, I'm using Zucable's Ibis speaker cables that are very synergistic with my speakers. Don't you love that Passion, Bruce? peace,warren :)
Wax on, wax off.
I own the wax an liked them very much, especially for the price. I have Kubala-Sosna in my system and these are definately better but you can get wax at $250 used verses $2500 used for the Zu Wax. They are clear and have good punch, I think the KS are much more detailed.
HI Warren,

I do like the Passion a lot, and have sold my Naim amps. I was using Naim wire, bu it was chewed by a new puppy! Right now I'm using some generic Belden wire frm Blue Jeans cable that people rave about, but so far it's pretty mediocre.

I can't use a super thick cable, and I don't want to spend a fortune (I need a 15 foot set!). I've been considering Kimber 8TC, Anticables, Oval 8, and Zu so far.
Any other suggestions?

Bruce, you can't go wrong with Kimber 8TC, you should also consider Alpha Core Goertz MI 2's. They are very balanced from top to bottom and offer excellent clarity.
Let me mention my "usual suspects" who you may be searching for, without knowing it.
Check out realitycables.com which is also represented through Clearsound/Reimer ads here on Audiogon. Greggstraley (Audiogon username) is delivering the more impresssive performance you seek, rather than what might be assumed due to his moderate pricing. Plus, you get to speak with the designer himself if you call the website phone number.
He was able to displace even the mighty Alpha-Core Goertz MI-3 Divinity speaker cables that preceded my set from Reality.
If you would like to contact another designer-manufacturer whose wiring is splendid, yet modestly priced, I can also recommend Auricle Audio Design's Joemazzaglia (Audiogon username). Some of his auction prices, and even list prices, are so low that you can keep within the tightest budget and still feel you are hearing the best from your setup.
Both men are perfectionist audiophiles who have their own distinctive design approaches.
Even allowing for individual preferences, these are two successful approaches to wiring.
Owned the Kimber, Wax, the Anitcables and now the Reality Cables.

IMHO, the Kimber was the bottom of the barrel, they just seemed to drain the life out of the music.

The Wax are not bad, fairly warm, pretty good bottom end, but I didnt feel they delivered the detail I wanted.

I liked the Anticables alot, good detail and overall sound. Probably a bit light on the bottom but not horrendously so. For the price, I think they're incredibly good cables. Pm me if you're interested in a set at a good price ;-)

Finally, the Reality Cables. Certainly more expensive then the Anticables but worth every penny. Using a trite phrase, they punch WAY above their weight(price). They are transparent and deliver all the goods, detail bottom end, airy highs. I think they're great.

If your budget is tight, I'd recommend the Anticables. If you can afford to spend a bit more, the Reality Cables are well worth trying (he's got a 30 or 45 day trial period). I don't think you'll return them if you give them a try.
Reality Cable, Greg Straley, I am having him rewire my HT, I use Purist Dominus/Venustas for my 2-channel. The Straley cables are the "real deal"

The Wax are fine cables, but if you can swing the cash, Libtec or Ibis is the way to go. 10' Ibis sold here on Agon used for $550. Great Deals to be had.

I feel your best option would be to call Zu and talk to Sean or Adam. Explain what you are currently using and what you hope to achieve. They will not lead you down the wrong path, as their main concern is customer satisfaction.
If after this conversation you decide to try the Zu products, they do offer a satisfaction gaurantee, and you wouldonly be out shipping charges.