What do I need to complement the Thiel CS2.4

I am a novice on HT.
I was doing some research, and I like the
Thiel CS2.4 Speakers.
What other equipment and brands do i need to complement
with the Thiel CS 2.4 Speakers ?
I need help.
Thank You.
Have you had a chance to listen to them? If so, what other components were they used with? Knowing this would be the place to start.
Enero7...do you plan on using the 2.4s only for HT (i.e., surround sound for movies) or do you also plan on using them for 2-channel audio listening? If both, what % of time will you be uding it for one vs. the other? I ask because I own the 2.4s and love them but I don't really think they are optimal for HT applications in the sense that they don't do deep bass (but you can supplement that with a subwoofer) and while they are dynamic, there are more dynamic speakers out there. I think the 2.4s are a great speaker for music listening when driven with the appropriate amp but it would helpful to know what your intended use will be before moving on with the thread and getting relevant advice.
I have the 2.4's in a combined HT and stereo. First of all, you do need an amp that can really drive them. Makes all the difference in the world. With that said, I woukdn't even look at a AVR... Go separates with an amp that can double it output into 4ohm. Also, get some good cables, Cardas match the Thiels well IMHO.

I recently used a Krell KAV250a and that does sound good, just replaced it with a Mark Levinson 334 and that sounds even better.

What are you planning to use for center, surround etc?
My intention is mainly for listening music.
I would like to have a system that can get close
to listening live, like being in a concert (of course, you got to spend big bucks to reach to that level ).
But, just trying to get a good package of amp, speakers,...
so that they can produce a good sound. HT use is secondary.
My main purpose is to relax listening music with good sound
after a long day of work.
my budget for the whole system
is about 10-20 grants
I heard they like candy and Flores.
For a center, I highly recommend MCS1 and PowerPoints for surround. You will need to spend some money on good amps... no other way around it. Thiels do require plenty of power (quality more than quantity though). Look for an amp that doubles into 4ohm. McIntosh would be the exception to that (and they match really well!).

My stereo (which is also part of my HT) consists of 2.4's, MCS1 for center and surround and PowerPoints as rears. Krell HTS7.1 pre/pro (great analog section), ML 334 for L/R and a Harman Kardon Signature for the other 5 channels. Subs for HT only are a pair of Epik Legends.
Choose your amplification wisely, don't cheap out.
Has anyone heard about the
Vapor Cirrus speakers ?
Thank You to everyone
with the good reccomendations.