What do I do with these Cartridges

Hello all,
I've got a couple old Cartridges, a Sumo II MC and a Dynavector Ruby. On both, one of my wonderful children broke the cantelievers some years ago. Today, I listen to mostly computer audio and I have replaced these with an Audio Technica AT440MLA. It is fine for me these days.
Are these worth having repaired? Better to sell them as is? Not worth someone else to buy as is? or a No brainer, YES, get these repaired.
I haven't followed cartridges closely over the years, so I'm fairly clueless of their value. Thanks for your help, Tim
I do not know the Sumo... but the Dynavector ruby is a definite YES.

The current equivalent is the Dynavector Karat 17D3 (you can look that one up).

Soundsmith have been known to recantilever/repair these.

Alternatively you could sell it... but for the $300 odd that a retip would cost you, you would have a truly exceptional cartridge (Retail is currently well over $1000 I believe) - Of course I am assuming that you still have an MC phono stage to run it into.

bye for now

The Dynavector Ruby23 certainly can be repaired.
I have one and (over 25 years old, still in moderate use)
And it is wonderful.
Soundsmith might be able to repair them?
Anyway, a good condition Ruby23 is worth $300 or up...
And is a sought after cartridge.
Thanks Elizabeth, sounds like they need to stay in the box that I have them sitting in, I'd need to get a Ruby cantiliever on the Dynavector, soundsmith gets $250 plus I'd have shipping both ways and shipping again when I sold the thing. Or if I ever wanted to use it again, then probably worth the investment... The old Sumo MC was quite good also, he gets Soundsmith gets $150 to replace a normal aluminum cantiliever. I guess I could most likely sell them through Agon, but if only getting a few bucks, I'll most likely hold on to them.
The Ruby does not sound anything like a 17D. It didn't when they were both brought out(23R-$310.00/17D-$650.00), and the Diamond has been improved, more yet, as of late(17D3 version). Damaged Karat Rubies bring about $50.00(average) on eBay. The Ruby was a good cartridge. The Diamond was/is a great one.
Thanks so much, all good info. I'm thinking I might start with the Sumo and tackle putting a new cantilever on it myself...
@Timlub- Here's something that you may find of interest: ( http://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?t=22847 ) Personally; I would find something more rigid than a cactus needle, though weight is certainly a major factor.
Thanks Rodman, you might remember Marcof Electronics, years ago I was general manager there, we made moving coil head amps, speakers, cables & modded phono cartridges as well as amps & preamps.
I have laid my hands on (modded) a few cartridges over time. I think I can do this competently. I've read the vinylengine article before, If I recall, they did one of the Sumo cartidges there. I truly appreciate the responses. Tim
Just read my last response, when I said I think I can do this competently... I wasn't being cocky, I hate to come off that way...I was saying, Uh, I think I can do this, Kinda like the little engine that could. Might not have need this explanation, but... you get it. Overall, I'm quite worried that even if I get a cantilever with the correct mass and get it somewhat similarly damped and get it mounted straight, that it will even sound remotely the same, its easy to get peaks or dips through the cantilever.