What Comes After Dynaudio Contour 3.3?

I've had Contour 3.3's for a couple years now and couldn't be more satisfied. Was curious what my more knowledgable comprades feel would be a natural progression for somebody looking for more of what the 3.3's bring to the table. I was considering Eggleston Andras or perhaps working up the Dynaudio line. Let me know what ya think!
I can heartily recommend the Dynaudio Confidence 5. Much more accurate bass than the 3.3s and oh, what a midrange.
Wassa matter; can't count? Where I went to school 5 came right after 3.3 Oh, and 3.0 at the other end. I'm just glad I paid attention in school and was eaisly able to ans. your math quiz.

Can the Confidence 5 disappear sonically like Audio Physic Virgos, Avalon Eidolons and other speakers who reportly do disappearing acts?

The confidence 5 is incredible. The best I have ever heard. Simply destroyed the N802s and clearly beat the Genesis 350 SEs. Very very good speakers, worth every cent. - Ian