Dynaudio Contour 1.3 , 1.3mkII & 1.3se

I am building a five speaker h.t. system using Dynaudios. I've chosen the T2.5's as the mains and the T2.1 as the center, but I'm unsure what to use for the rears. I've heard the 1.3mkII's, but not the original 1.3's , nor the 1.3se's. I would like to know what others would think about using for rears. Please help.
Your question probably doesn't attract much attention since there isn't much difference if you use any of those speakers that you've mentioned for your rears.

Personally I would go for the cheapest one if on a tight budget.
Thank you for the input. I'm not sure how much difference there is between the three. Especially since there's been two upgrades since the plain 1.3's availability. For the rears, you think they would be fine then?
Get T2.5's for the rear. You won't reget it.

I wouldn't spend the extra for the SE's for rears. The SE is just a beautiful speaker, and definitely a step up from the 1.3's - I'd spend the extra in a second for the fronts of a music system. Unless you listen to a lot of surround music, I'd save the money. If you do listen to a lot of surround music, then it is probably worth the extra money. Or, if you listen to a lot of surround music and have the space, you might want to use 2.5's in the rear as well.

I, personally, use the 1.1's in the rear. I have found them to be easy to place relative to the 1.3's and they are one of my favorite small speakers. That might save you even more money.

I listen to a lot of 2-channel music and watch a lot of movies. -Kirk
I would probably go with the 1.3 mk11 as i think it has the same tweeter and the same size mid/bass driver as the t2.5, this would probably give some form of synergy in regard to driver similarity. I have owned all of the Dyn contours from 1.1 to 1.3 SE to 3.0 to SPEC 25s, and the contour centre which is is similar to yours. The 1.1 is by the way what i am using (as a rear)and is an amazing small speaker, it is easy to enjoy because it seems less critical than the others but still has the same tweeter, the 1.3se's are fantastic and would probably trash the t2.5s in a musical context and with a rel (or similar) sub sound pretty awesome.