New Amp for Dynaudio Contour S 1.4 Speakers

I currently have an Ayre AX-7e driving a pair of Contour S 1.4's. Musical tastes are mostly acoustic (Punch Bros, Waybacks, Union Station, Ry Cooder) but I also listen to rock (Clapton, Knopfler, John Hiatt). All sources are digital (CD/SACD or HI-REZ 24/96) no analog. I will be temporarly using my Benchmark DAC 1 USB as my preamp and want to buy a power amp. At some point down the road I also plan to replace the Contours with Dyn C1's.

The amps I'm looking at and at some point in the last few months of research have convinced myself that I should buy are the Bryston 3BSST2, Ayre V-5xe, Channel Islands D200MKII, and the Modwright KWA 100 SE. I am also intrigued by Rogue's new hybrid tube/class D Hydra.

I would like a little more bass extension and grip than my AX-7e has, but most important to me is transparancy and reproducing the natural timbre of acoustic instruments. It would help if it also rocked when asked. I am 350 miles from the nearest audio dealer and it would take a week (that I don't have) to travel around and listen to these amps. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
I would like a little more bass extension and grip than my AX-7e has, but most important to me is transparancy and reproducing the natural timbre of acoustic instruments. It would help if it also rocked when asked.

well I have these speakers paired with Krell Kav500i (balanced inteconnects van damme adds clarity to voices and instruments) and sometimes switch to Technics se-a3000 su-c3000 combo.Both amps provide bass i wish.Technics add to music very expresive midrange and more clarity,but krell has wider soundstage.
I think Musical Fidelity kw series will do everything you wish.As for speakers they very good compared to c1,c1 more power demanding,has more bass weight,better imaging,smoother and more organic sound
Thanks for you thoughts Extravaganza. I'm looking for a power amp, not an integrated, and currently I'm leaning toward the Modwright KWA 100 SE.
BEl Canto Ref1000m monoblocks are top notch with my Dynaudio monitors and would not hesitate to recommend them for Dynaudios in general.
Mapman, I have condidered the Bel Canto Ref500m in my quest, but I read that the Channel Islands class D's are superior to the Bel Canto and Nuforce amps.
Allen, Extravaganza made a very good suggestion. Musical Fidelity amps/integrated from the A5 and KW series pair very very well with the Contour S 1.4 speakers.

Another idea is to keep your amp, as it is a very good one, and get a pair of Wilson Duette (or Sophia 1,3, etc if space allows). While this is probably a more expensive alternative, Wilson speakers and Ayre electronics is another very very good match.
I had Musical Fidelity A3CR amp prior to Bel Cantos.

THis was a good match to the Dyns that many would like. Definitely a touch hotter in the top end and BC does bass imaging and soundstage much different, almost night/day.

These things usually often come down to personal preference and overall system synergy including room acoustics, etc.

There are many good amps out there that can fit the bill I am certain. The only way to know for sure is to try and see. If you buy used and do not overpay, that makes trying different amps as needed more digestible financially.
I've had the new Rogue Medusa hybrid here now for 3 weeks or so. This is the slightly more powerful version of the Hydra that you are considering.

I'm extremely impressed so far. Still working on getting break in hours on it, but I can tell with out a doubt that it sounds fantastic when paired with the new Joseph Audio perspectives.

***dealer disclaimer***
Goldprintaudio, if you have any further thoughts on the Medusa as it breaks in, please share them with us.
I have an Octave V70SE w/black box on my C1's and love the set up. Previously I had a Krell 400xi with Contour S3.4s and then upgraded to C1's. The Krell was a great value and it was good sound but the Octave is much better, as its price dictates.
Bought a Rogue Medusa, should have in in another week or so.
Any thoughts from Goldprint or Allenjohns on the Medusa on its own and versus other amps you've heard? Also curious about how they work with the Perspectives since I'm considering Pulsars with a couple good subs down the road (although Hydra might suffice in that application I guess).
I've owned dyn,s (focus 220, contour 5.4's) then modwright the amp at different time after the dyn,s and I'm just not sure there would be synergy there. Didn't own them together so cant say for sure. I'm just unsure there... There seem to be a few most mentioned amps for dyn,s and some of them have been mentioned here.