What cables are you using for a hidden in wall clean look? I have B&W 802 D3s coming.

Just wondering what cables you guys are using for installing them in walls? Gauge, brands, ends, etc. etc.  Are you guys terminating them yourselves? Banana plugs or spades? 

I have a krell chorus 7200 and three 802 D3s coming in a couple of weeks.  I am looking to combine two channels per speaker.  

All of my other speakers are the older B&W SCMS speakers running from a marantz amp for surrounds. 

Thanks for the help guys.

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I'm using the AntiCables too, except they are run under the floor instead of in the wall.  There is an open entry way right between the speakers, so my options were to run the cables on top of the floor and put some kind of cable protector over them, or run them under.  Since it's a suspended floor, it was pretty easy to drill some small holes and push the non-jacketed AntiCables through them.  No spades or bananas, just the bare wire ends into the speakers and amp.  Works well.  I'm not sure if there are code requirements for "under the floor" installations as there are for in-wall applications, but since the cable is not enclosed by sheetrock and is hanging in free air underneath the floor rafters, I'm not too worried about it.
@Vicweast   Thanks!  Haven't ever looked at the code or requirements, so that's good to know.