What cable companies make the best cables and sell them directly?

What cable companies make the best cables and sell them directly?

I have a good quality system and I am looking for better quality cables for all connections.

Denefrips Terminator DAC
Martin Logan Expression ESL 13A Electrostatic Speakers
Pass Labs 260.8 Mono Amplifiers (2)
PS Audio BHK PreAmplifier
Sony Blu Ray UBP-X800 CD/Blu Ray Player
SVS PB 16-Ultra Subwoofer

I am looking for good quality cables sold directly to the consumer.  I am currently using no name, better than average, cables.  I refuse to pay the 100 % markup of the better line of cables that are sold through middlemen.  I am looking for companies that have had very good reviews.

This is NOT to be a discussion as to whether or not cables make a difference.

Thank you to all for your assistance.


I will add one more thing to the conversation. Your age and your hearing may impact how much difference cables make. I don't disbelieve people that say they notice major differences between cables however at my age and with my hearing rolling off around 12,000 Hertz those things they notice may not be apparent to me. So besides all the other decision factors that have been mentioned I would suggest taking that into consideration.

I went with a loom of AudioSensibility cables and would highly recommend them. 

You can choose between OCC copper or silver. I went with silver for maximum clarity and am stunned by the result. 

I vote for Zavfino and Grover Huffman cables.  Both make a full spread of power, interconnect and speaker cables.  I have Cullen Cables as well and those cables were very solid.  I did though hear that Patrick Cullen is no longer an independent operation.

I think VH Audio? is another standup, high-value option to check out.  So many options at this point it’s a bit mind boggling.  Read reviews to thin down the herd and then buy used and/or go with a direct seller with a good trial policy.  To me, both these strategies are almost identical price wise if you negotiate good used prices.