What are your service department experiences?

I recently got my Krell KBL back from Krell and I am thrilled. I sent my KBL in to be recapped. I had my red lights by the symmetry knob starting to flash red as I turned the volume up. After talking with Krell they informed that it needed recapped (by the way if you are considering a KBL and this hasn't been done it probably needs it). This repair with shipping costs about $700.00. I point this out as a favor to those reading this. If I ever want to sell mine, my brother wants it.

After getting it back from Krell I was amazed at the newfound bass. There was however a problem with it that did not exist when I sent it to them, there was now a static noise if the preamp was sitting idle. Back to Krell it goes.

They now had their engineers go over the piece, as well as their service department. They determined that there was a bad volume pot and replaced the volume switch. Back to me it comes.

When I received the preamp and hooked it all up there was another surprise. The blue power light on mine had become very dim over the years. They replaced it with a new bright blue one. Upon auditioning it I was amazed. The sound is at least 95% of my KRC. I have always loved my Krell equipment. I now know if I ever have a problem with it they will stand by what they sell and what they service. By the way there were no charges of any kind for the second trip in. They even covered the freight.

I am a Krell customer forever!
I too have had excellent service from the Krell folks, as has a friend of mine. There are so few companies which perform at such a high level, and are so easy to deal with, that Krell should be very proud. In both cases the service came as a result of long years of use, and was a cleaning and tune-up.