Who Has The Best service department

I gotta tell ya Martin Logan and Pass Labs have the best service department, I lost some allen screws and had a nasty scratch on my X-350 amp,I emailed them, Nelson Pass sent me a new face plate and the allen screws. NO CHARGE!!! Same goes for Martin Logan, Jim Powers is the best, super fast emails and for the part I needed to fix my logans, the price was very very low, no rip offs here. With a service department like that, I will never get rid of Pass or Martin Logans. Who does it for you!!!!
Joe Fratus at Art Audio sent me some NOS tubes at no charge to try in my Carissa Sig. Cardas did a free inspection, retermination and sent a binding post wrench free of charge. Judd Barber at Joule-Electra, just a real nice guy.
Maytag, but they're being sold.
naim audio n. america is top notch.
Conrad Johnson. They are always quick to respond to e-mails and answers to my questions on my DR-1 Transport. Impressive considering I am not the original owner.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Bryston yet. Great products, superlative service. Its truly amazing how they have maintained their service levels despite growing so big. Don't be suprised if James Tanner personally answers any technical questions that you may have.
I love conrad johnson ,I had a Dr-1 great transport, never had any problems, Ive heard good things about naim also, gotta try some
I really miss Gat, Kent Gatling, at cj. He was just great. Does anyone know if he passed away?
Hate to pile it on but my vote goes to CJ as well. Fast turnaround and it often comes back better than when it went out .
Don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I had a horrible service experience from conrad johnson. It was many years ago, so things may have changed since then, but it was the worst experience in my 20 year audiophile life.

Best experience I've had has been with Audiophile Systems Limited, the US Distributor for Arcam. They treated me much better than I deserved!!!


Green Mountain Audio has warranty for life on their products, no matter how many owners the speaker has had. Tough to beat.
Viridian, whose buying out Maytag?
Reubent, just to show how these things tend to vary from person to person. I've had good experiences with conrad-johnson and rather poor service from Audiophile Systems. Numerous e-mails and phone calls with nary a response. When I did get a live person to pick up, they where either not qualified to respond, offered to have some one get back to me (never happened), or redirected me to another party who did the same things. Funny years ago they were quite good. One can only wonder as to what happened recently with their customer service.
Joeylawn36111, Whirlpool is buying out Maytag. The consolidation continues! In 5-10 years, there will be 10-20 corporations that own every business and resource in the world! Unless Armageddon get in the way of the ultimate acquisition plans for financial world dominance.
I'd second the Martin Logan mention............ outstanding customer service. Audio Research has been very good to me as well.
Thiel, Bryston, Paradigm, Audio Research ($$$$).
Save the last for best! KRELL, all the way, some really down to earth people work there with you. To many to mention The Best, YOU TO DAN!
Yes, Whirlpool is buying Maytag, but it should be of no concern. As audiophiles, we can't afford to buy clothes, much less wash them.
Blue Circle Audio...

Gilbert has been very helpful on numerous occasions.
When ever I have phoned or email Gilbert usually is the one answering.

Top notch customer service....
Jim Powers is great at ML. They take care of any customer concerns post-haste.
Mike Allen at Jolida is wonderful before and after the sale.
The guys in Boston that repair NAD are very good too.
Good service work does not necessarily go along with high product quality. (It's been noted that the worst hockey teams often have the best goalies). The local Panasonic authorized repair facility did a super job on my plasma display, in about one week, even though they had to order a board from wherever boards come from.

I guess YMMV is the rule! I had issues with 2 different Arcam products distributed by ASL. Both were purchased second hand and I sold them here on AudiogoN. Both arrived broken when I sold them and both were repaired gratis by ASL even though ASL was fully aware of the second hand status of the products.

When I called, I think I spoke to a gentleman named Pat (it's been a few years, so not sure about this). I think he was the owner or a pricipal in the company. He took great care of me (and the 2 people I sold the product to...). Heck, ASL saved my perfect sales feedback as both of these instances could have turned out badly and both ended up as positive experiences.


Quad is legendary! Anyone can deny that?