What are you streaming tonight?

As we are in the modern age of music I thought I would see how this fares.
We have threads specific for cdp and tt so why not streaming as it is a modern media.
I don't care if you stream Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, Paradise Radio or any number of internet stations.
I would like you to share your tastes and method of streaming.
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@uberwaltz you are streaming offline content I presume? I download offline content to my phone specifically for traveling it's great to be able to do that!
Streaming Electric Gypsy Trio Live at the Rumpelkammer Hot Jazz Festival on Tidal. Setup is an Auralic Aries Mini with Sbooster power supply to an Audio Note Dac-3 Signature. I basically just stream Tidal or my ripped cd's and downloads I keep on a NAS drive which is backed up in a hybrid RAID configuration and also backed up to Amazon's Glacier cloud service.
nice uber I don't fly that often and when I do usually bargain basement airlines that charge extra for wifi so I never use it. Love that offline content I got a 128GB Iphone7 last year just for extra storage space for offline.
Pathways Yoko Miwa Trio via Tidal.
Swiss Radio Days Vol 28 Jazz Live Trio with Kenny Wheeler and Alan Skidmore on Tidal.
"Don't Lose This" Pops Staples
Jim Hall and Friends Live at Town Hall
10/31/71 Columbus OH aka Dick's Pick Vol 2 The Grateful Dead via Tidal
McCoy Tyner with Stanley Clark and Al Foster.
This kid is streaming "Relaxing Jazz Piano" The Bill Evans Trio via Tidal. Planning on getting a real turntable sometime next year hopefully one that's older than I am :-)
"The Backbeat" Doug Raney with Joey DeFrancesco and Billy Hart.
"Quiet Now" Bill Evans Trio on Tidal
"Good Thing" Leon Bridges on Tidal, and breaking the trend I was 6 for most of 1976. :p
"Blue Soul" Blue Mitchell Sextet
10/8/68 The Matrix SF, The Grateful Dead 24/96 Flac
12/20/69 San Francisco and 2/2/70 St Lpuis Dave's Picks Vol 6...The Grateful Dead
1/23/70 Honolulu HI Dave's Picks Vol 19 The Grateful Deal  Flac
11/8/69 Fillmore East Dick's Picks Vol 16 The Grateful Dead via Flac
2/28/69 Fillmore West The Grateful Dead 48/16 Flac
10/30/68 The Matrix The Grateful Dead 16/44 Flac
Piano Player......Bill Evans on Tidal
Midnight Melodies.....Cyrus Chestnut via Tidal
@sisyphus51 Nice "Country For Old Men" is in my favorites! Streaming here now another fave "In Person Friday and Saturday Nights At The Blackhawk Complete" Miles Davis via Tidal
Art Pepper Presents West Coast Sessions Vol 1 Sonny Stitt......Art Pepper and Sonny Stitt via Tidal.
Yes RIP Danny Kirwan. And nice Warren Zevon is one of the most underrated rock musicians ever. Excitable Boy is a great album.
Stardust........John Coltrane via Tidal
Personal Mountains......Keith Jarret Quartet via Tidal
12/20/69 San Fran 2/2/70 St Louis Dave's Picks Vol 6....the Grateful Dead via flac
Uber maybe we should start emailing seems like it's just us mostly :)
8/4/74 Philly Civic Ctr 8/5/74 Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City Dick's Pick Vol 31.........The Grateful Dead via flac
Junjo....Esperanza Spalding via Tidal
Buddy's Rock........Buddy Rich via Tidal
Uber just saw your post get well soon man and I hope the surgery is quick and painless and successful! Streaming tonight.......The Final Tour The Bootleg Series Vol 6........Miles Davis and John Coltrane
Four & More.........Miles Davis
The Legendary Prestige Sessions...........Miles Davis Quintet
Complete Original Recordings.......Tommy Flanagan
RIP Vinnie Hall. Streaming Moodsville..........Tommy Flanagan Trio
2 Guitars......Kenny Burrell and Jim Raney
The Ballad of the Fallen........Charlie Haden & Carla Bley
9/9/74 Alexandra Palace London Dick's Picks Vol 7.......The Grateful Dead
Giant Steps.....John Coltrane
Stardust......John Coltrane
In Paris..........Wes Montgomery Tidal
Know What I Mean and In New York a twofer........Cannonball Adderly and his Sextet on Tidal. @uberwaltz I hope your surgery was a success and you’re on the mend! @david_ten what interconnect are you burning in?
thanks jafant. up now United We Swing (Best of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Galas).............Wynton Marsalis Septet on Tidal
Sound Prints Scandal...........Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas on Tidal
Just back from a week in Paris took the day to recover from jetlag up now Nippon Soul...Cannonball Adderly.
uberwaltz thanks it was a vacation and a great one! And up now Ghetto Paradise.........Antonio Forcione
@reubent Awesome you will have a great time I am sure! Since I was just there a few restaurant recs:
Coq Rico in MontMartre, the most amazing chicken you will ever eat.
Bistro Paul Bert on Rue Paul Bert, classic French bistro food done incredibly well great wine list.
Le Petite Sommelier, great wine list lots of bargains very good food.
L'Avant Comptoir, awesome super hip fun winebar.

Uber you should really do Paris sometime an amazing beautiful city! Up now, Collectors Items............Miles Davis.
Coast to Coast........Erroll Garner Trio