What are these worth?

I have two sets of these cabels that my uncle gave me.

I assume these are made by Tara Labs. Labeled RSC Master Power Cable. They are 10ft long and too bulky for my system. I want to sell them but am not sure what they are worth. If you have any idea what they are worth or how old they are and what they may have cost, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Just start an auction.
As Jond says, start an auction. You may get lucky and find someone who thinks they are worth more than $100.
Rsc master was available back in 1993, this model was before the model called decade, the cable you have is very stiff like, this was the young years of Taralabs cables as a company, thou it is 10ft, the sound of that particular cable was terrible!, It has some good traits, bass is not one of them,a little clarity, and decent mid-range,, you know that the length makes it a custom cable as well!, most a/c cables are 4ft to 6 ft, It may be hard to sell a custom cable?, regardless, my opinion is that the cable you have is worth no more than $300.00,, I hope this helped you,, cheers!
yes an auction would be a good way to get rid of them.
Auction on ebay, not Audiogon. Sell on Agon, but never auction here.
Thank you...that is exactly what I wanted to know. At this point if I got 100.00 each that would be cool.
What exactly do you all have there?, tell me all that you got., even if it says nothing, give me the colors, and what colors are on the ends. cheers!
I have two of these power cables. Both are 10ft. long and the cables are blue with white ends. I posted a link to a picture in my original post.
Nice picture, Thats an odd color for Rsc master, useally brown!,like the i/c,speaker cables.,I do not believe you will have any problems selling those cables, they are in fine shape!,, put $300.00 a piece, no auction, and a make offer, They will sell!, cheers!
They will sell on auction, but not for $300 a piece. You never know though, P.T. Barnum did say that there is a sucker born every minute, and some of us have been known to over-pay for cables and cords, so anything is possible!!

Hell, List them for $750 each and write a nice story behind them, how they have had special ozone treatment while cryogenic treatment was being applied....you just may get it. LOL!!
Sold them on Ebay in 15 minutes for $300.00 for the pair. I would say Audiolabyrinth was pretty right on with his estimate of their value. Thanks everyone for their feedback.
@ Dip600,, Glad I was of help, your very welcome!,, cheers!
@ jmcgrogan2,, there you go again having me laugh out of the chair!,,, cheers!
Congrats Dlp600, you made out very well!!