What are the Best Sounding FM Tuners

Here is my new and revised list. What is yours?
1. Sansui TU-9900, modified. This is now the best tuner I have ever heard. Llyod Moss (WQXR) sounds like he is sitting in front of me.
2. NEC T-6, modified. Not far from the above, very robust and clean.
3. MR-74. with IF mods in NARROW and a few audio cap changes, very dynamic and full-bodied sound, a toe-tapper.
4. Quad FM-3 modified, Replacement of the single IF filter module with two standard ceramic IF filters allows fairly good selectivity and amazing stereo separation. Senstivity is not the best, good for the city.
5. Luxman T-02, modified, A tough tuner to beat for fringe reception with excellent fidelity.
6. Akai AT-ST, modified. The direct-coupled audio stages yield great sound, five-gang front end makes it very sensitive, dual IF bandwidth on AM.
7. Yamaha T-1 and T-2, stock. If the switching works for all
the automatic features (which is very rare) they will give excellent, clear sound.
8. Sony ST-S550ES, modified. Audio ouput IC must be changed, then great detailed sound.
9. Kenwood KT-727, modified. Perhaps too rare to mention, but wow can it get good -- very detailed like the above Sony.
10. Marantz ST-17, stock. Often discounted by
accessories4less. A good buy. Needs a fairly good signal for stereo reception, otherwise excellent.
My Don Scott-modded Magnum Dynalab FT101 gets my vote - thanks again. Don, what are your latest 'you would never know it' sleepers?
You should look for RESTEK - definitely!
A fully restored then upgraded Dynaco FM-3. Awesome. I own an MR-80, Sequerra Model 1, MX-110, MR-67, and the FM-3 beats them all, but only if it is properly restored and aligned. Its my favorite.
I tried so many tubed FM tuners, and I settle with MR 71. Some say the later Mcintosh digital tuners are better, probably true in terms of precise reception, but I like the tube sound of MR 71.
Best thing I heard was an Onkyo 9090 mkII tuner, with a very impressive looking aerial. In fact, the aerial looked so impressive, I wonder how it will sound without the tuner....:)
The Sansui TU-X1 is one of the best ever

check out... www.fmtunerinfo.com
My research led me to buy a few fine tuners over three years, and my favorite is a Tandberg TPT 3001A. Smooth sound suited to all formats of music, nails the station, and reproduces the full range of lows, mids, and highs, with great balance. Glad to purchase this and the others years back, as they are scarce and spendy today. I listen to it for hours and never touch it. What more is there? Others I own are Crown FM3, Sansui TU-X1, and Luxman T-117. They all are close, yet the 3001A, to my brain, plays slightly more accurate and superior through tube preamp, planar ribbons and dual subs.
My Marantz 120 Tuner with Scope moded by Joseph Chow.
What a sound this puts out.
You should look for Day Sequerra tuners. Those are best of the best of the best.
I must say that the Accuphase T-109V is one of the best tuners in the world.
When I bought the Accuphase I've auditioned some MD, and the rest is history.
The T-109V as superb sound, some of the best highs I've heard in a tuner, excelent stereo imaging, great tuning capabilities (selectivity and sensitivity) and a first class construction.
Hearing live broadcasted music from this tuner is a great experience.
My Technics ST9030 FM with 8, yes EIGHT gangs in the front end, sounds best, and more natural than the clinical sound of carriage trade units like previously owned MR78's and Magnum Dynalabs. It has 'the look'.

The rounded tube sound of my several Scotts from 310E's to LT110's is going out of favour and anyway they are not nearly as selective. Toshibas are no slouch either.

The best of my Scotts has been a 310D / 335 Mpx pair. Soon to arrive is a Kenwood KT8300 with uber mods. and also a Sansui ST 717...said to have 'audiophile sound'.

Don't take everything that the tunerinfocentre says as gospel, though they are a fabulous reference! The key is to have an FM station that broadcasts live music...a rarity these days.

Plus use your own ears too, tuners vary a lot.
Anyone have/know of where I can purchase copy of User Manual for ADS T2 Tuner? Alternately, can anyone provide details on how to set station presets?
Vintagestuff, I have an ADS T2. BUT I just tried to program the presets, and it doesn't work right - I can only save a few of the numbered presets (I can save 1 and 3 but not 2 for example.)

Anyway, you tune in manually the desired station, open the big door on the left, inside - hold down the "memo" button while at the same time press the number you want to save that to.

But if that's not working, it may be like mine - there may be a problem with the memory circuitry.
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