What ARC electronics would you choose to mate with Wilson Sabrinas?

I have pretty much decided on the Wilson Sabrinas and some combination of current run ARC amp/preamp/phono. 
I have seen and heard them paired with “budget” and over the top (considering the price) gear.
i am considering the REF 75, GS150, REF6, REF 3 (phono), SP20, GSPre,GSInt.
What reListic combo would you choose for the Sabrinas? 
Look at VAC as well its more musical but make sure whatever you use you go balanced.Enjoy!!
Ebm, I’ve only heard great things about VAC. Unfortunately I am not in or near a city with a dealer and I’m hesitant to buy something I haven’t heard. 
So, I’m sticking with ARC.

So I’m still searching for the best ARC combo with the Sabrinas. 

Ideas? Anyone?
If it has to be ARC I would go REF6 and GS150. You can get a brand GS150 for about 12k as they are being discontinued from ARC and they sound better then the REF150.
IM sure the ARC stuff will sound wonderful.I had SP11,Sp15,SP8 D150,D76 in the day and SP3.Enjoy!!
I have heard the Sabrina's many times and they are one of my favorite three speakers.

I've heard them mostly with ARC. First was with the Gsi75 and it was very very good, then with the LS28 VT80 combo and again it was very very good. with the second combo it used the REF9 CD player and also heard vinyl. It was all really good. If you are looking for a tube setup, this works very well. Haven't heard them with the other REF components but I can tell you either amp can drive them easily to very pleasurable levels.

I've also heard them with D'Agostino Momentum separates and it was really good but the cost of the electronics seems prohibitive for a $16k speaker.

Lastly I heard them a few months ago with the Nagra Classic Amp  (solid state) and Preamp (tube), dCS Debussy DAC & Network Bride, I suspect a Aurender W20 server, and Transparent cabling. This was just fantastic. Really liked this combo alot. But again,  the cost of the electronics seems prohibitive for a $16k speaker. If you can hear them and they are anywhere near your budget, I'd ask for a demo with the Nagra equipment. Dave Wilson endorses Nagra. See his video on YouTube.

To me, the Sabrina is such a good speaker. I've heard other speakers in that price range but none of them were really even close.
Hello, first post for me. Hope it is useful.

I have an ARC Ref 6 and VT80SE driving Linn Majik 140 speakers. They are 4 ohm 88 dB/Watt/m. The amp has plenty of power to drive the Linns. This pair of ARC components is really delicate and beautiful to listen too with nice timbre. I preferred them over the Ayre AX-5 Twenty and Bel Canto Black system. I highly recommend the Ref 6 if you can work it in. It really lets the source shine as it is super transparent. Believe me, the LS28 is really good too. Especially at 1/2 the price as the Ref.

I considered the Ref 75SE as well but opted for the VT80SE because it was less bulky (it had to fit on my current furniture). I think these two amps sound pretty similar. Probably the Ref 75 has the slight edge.

I answered your post because I am also planning on possibly upgrading to the Sabrinas. My dealer has the Wilson line and I will be listening to the ARC amp-preamp with them soon. I will keep you posted on the results.
Thanks, guys, for your input!

Here's a link of a Sabrina review where the reviewer has an ARC Ref 75SE.  Look at the other tube amp that he tried that was only 35 watts and had only been broken in for 20 minutes.  
I heard the Sabrinas with the ARC GS integrated as well as with the GS150. Fantastic sound with each.