what amp goes best with speakers ?

3 systems and do not understand synergy so i based everything on what i read. hard to try things out in SF as too many snobs for sales people out here.
kitchen-ML source, primaluna 1 , sonus zp 90, belkin ipod holder sounds muddy
living room- sonus faber liuto,nottingham jr,oppo 83dvd,ml encore surround,primaluna mono 7,REL t5 and polk micro 2000, pioneer sc 27 sounds not so good.
office room/man cave- magnepans 1.7,xpa 2, krell KSL, emotiva cd player, sony ps3, sounds good probably xpa 2 has power and more power. rel t3 and emotiva sub 10
dining room- idecco, anthony gallo strada, yamaha sw315 sub -best sounding of all ???? cannot figure this out perplexed! q is what have i done wrong ? i thought that these systems would sound way better.
put a nice small sub with the Maggies, and add a tube preamp and vinyl, and that will blow your doors off.

I love the sound of the Anthony Gallo stuff as well. I think it's very neutral, and sounds good with most anything.
your question is difficult to answer and hard to understand
I think you need to concentrate on one system at a time- the most important one first. Keeping the component in that system that you like the best, build around it based on advice from people here who have the same component in their system.
Do yourself a favor and simplify. Start by assembling a good two channel set up . I suggest that you take your favorite source then your favorite preamp or integrated attach you favorite speakers and thoughtfully and cautiously interchange elements on this one system. Also get some good wire, it doesn't have to expensive, Signal Cable for one Etc. After that you can begin the maddening tweaking process.I am certain that in the end after selling off pieces that just don't make you happy and buying others to replace them you will eventually find Nirvana.
A few things jump out at me...

1 - The rooms they're in probably have a lot to do with why they don't sound too good. How are the acoustics in the kitchen, of all places?

2 - The systems are odd, as a lot of stuff isn't exactly made to be paired up with the rest of it - Sonus Faber Liutos shouldn't be paired up with an AV receiver, and the ML speakers as surrounds don't help matters as they're an entirely different sounding speaker.

You're probably past this point, but you should get out and hear systems that have been put together by dealers. I know the rudeness (I live near NYC), but there's got to be a dealer who's willing to sit down with you and help you make decisions.

Try putting together one system at a time, as has been suggested. Taking your best amplification, speakers, and source and moving it into a good room - not the kitchen or dining room - will probably help things along.
you might have too much good stuff. ha. put your best recording on these systems,,surrender and enjoy. i,m serious.. magnepans, krell and emotive don,t sound good enough?? no offense intended but please send all your junk to my house where i will somehow suffer thru listening to it.