Wharfedale Opus speaker line

Just picked up a pair of the Opus 1, their smallest floorstanding speaker in the Opus line. Finish and look
(gorgeous piano gloss black)is was got me interested in these speakers, reasonable price is what convinced me to give them a shot, sonics is why I will build a complete HT system around these bad boys! They are one of the most neutral sounding speakers I've had in my system lately.
Great job Wharfedale! Thanks for a great speaker at a reasonable price and ending my seemless endless search for the "perfect" speaker!
I'm not familiar with the Opus line,but I have a pair of Emerald 97 by Wharfedale and love them (partly because of the great pricing) Used them for a couple of years in a budget 2 channel system and just couldn't bring myself to sell them when I bought a pair of Von Schweikerts.They are boxed up and I,like you,will use them in a HT setup.
They don't seem to get much respect,but I found them to be pleasurably musical for extended uncritical listening.
Best wish's w/the new HT setup!
Thanks for the reply......
Von Schweikerts, very nice and interesting.
I actually gave up my VR-4jr's for the Opus 1.
While I thought highly of the jr's I was never completely satisfied with their mid-range or their boxy look. That's were the Opus 1's excel.
Where the jr's mid-range sounded a bit closed in and bloated, the Opus 1's are crystal clear and tight by comparsion. The jr's reach a little deeper than the Opus 1, you'd probably have to go up the Opus line to the 2's or 3's to equal the jr's bass response but the Opus 1's are less than half the retail price of the jr's.
And where the jr's are boxy and sharp edge looking, the Opus 1's are curved and rounded with a spectacular piano gloss black finish!
Best Regards, geoh
I love my Wharfedale 97's and especially love the 99's.  Simply amazing for the price.
I bought a pair of wharfedale denton 80th anniversary last year, and they continue to amaze me with really wonderful sound in mid-field setup.
Extraordinary finish. Take a very long time to break-in. Retailers are crazy to let them go at such a low price.
My references are KEF LS50s and Totem Hawks.