Wharfedale jade 7's

Hi ,
In the market for some floor standers. I would like to know if anyone has demo'd the wharfedale jade 7's. I want something that has a good deep bass without adding a sub. I do like Spendors and kef's too. I just have a good opportunity to move on some jade 7's. 

This may be too late but I have a pair of Jade 5s plus the C1 center channel and absolutely love them. I have not heard the Jade 7s but the bass that Wharfedale gets out of the 6.5" drivers in the Jade 5s is very impressive and I imagine that the Jade 7s are even more inpressive. I upgraded from a pair of Diamond 9.6s with 8" woofers and the Jade 5s go noticeably deeper than the 9.6s do.

I am extremely happy with them without using my subs with one caveat. Since they're tuning the system so low I reach the X-max of the woofers at lower volumes than I did with my previous speakers so can't play them quite as loud as I sometimes like to without using my subs to reduce the low bass extension of the Jade 5s. Now I'm talking about pushing my Aragon 8008 III to nearly its limits with a sound level so high I can't even hear myself singing. Volumes so high that my younger brother has commented that it's louder than most concerts he's been to so we're talking very high levels. I doubt the Jade 7s would have the same limit since they have 8" woofers which should have a larger X-max than the 6.5" drivers in the Jade 5s.

Thank you, that does help. I'll probably go spendor or Joseph Audio on the mains and jades for surrounds and center.