Anyone know if the Wharfedale 9.1's are better than the competition in their price range (Paradigm,Axiom,Mondraunt)?

The last professional review I read (Stereophile) was in 2005 and no one carries them in the states, so I can't listen to them.

Appreciate any knowledge.

The 9.1 Diamond is rated by HIFICRITIC as a best buy and given a very good review. They don't take ads and have some of the best and most experienced reviewers so the 9.1s look like a good choice. They were the cheapest speaker by far that they recommend.
ive heard 9.1 diamonds, amazing bang for buck, my friend picked up a pair for only $100 off ebay
The 9 series is replaced by the 10 series. So if you want to buy a 9.2 I think you need to buy second hand.
9.1s are still available direct from Wharfedale on Amazon.com for $269. The 9.0s are $199.
I loved my 9.2's. A little dark and not the most detail, but lots of body and warmth. The 9.1's are available new for $210 for STO sound and vision.