Wave Kinetics NVS table

Any updates in relation to this table, there was allot of chatter a while back but all appears to be silent now.

I take it that the shipping package issues have been all resolved considering Albert P received his replacement successful.

Curious to hear from users, what they replaced and why?

Or just what they have heard.

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No one?

I had asked a few whom attended the latest CES show if they had seen or heard the table and all said no so I knew Albert P also attended and asked him, his reply was;

01-21-12: Albertporter

Hello Dev,

Was it set-up at the CES, if so with what arm/cart combo and system.

The NVS was not at CES, at least not that I saw. The room with Evolution Acoustics speakers are where I expected to see it but instead source was digital plus a big Ampex ATR tape machine.

I've heard the table is more than a dozen units back ordered and that is why no show. I don't know if that's a fact or show rumor.