Anyone know of an Electron Kinetics repair person?

I have an Electron Kinetics Eagle 2a that is in excellent working and cosmetic condition except for one thing: the left-channel rca connector needs replacing. Every now and then, the signal drops out and I have to jiggle the cable to make contact again. This happens no matter what cable I try. I would normally replace such a part myself, but the amp was designed in such a way that in order to replace the connector, the entire guts must be removed - I don't think I want undertake this. Do you know who can perform this task?
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You might contact your local hifi shop. They either do it or know somebody who does. ---Can't hurt to call around. The factory doesn't care about doing little stuff like this.---They will try to talk you into upgrading to 4 or similar.
Russell Sherwood of EKSC eagle.