Reviews for Electron Kinetics Eagle 7A & 2000 amps

Seeking reviews that I can link to or upload to my ad listing for and Eagle 7A amp and a 2000 pre-amp. Anyone here know of any sources for this?
I used to own a 7A. Do you know how rare and special it is?
Hello Msunco,

I have just purchased an Eagle 7a.
What do you know about the amps?
I also have a set of 400 monos.
Thinking of bi-amping wih the 7a on the bass.

Thanks for any info,
Rkmcv, the Eagle 400s have a reputation as some of the best bass amps ever. If you bi-amp using your 7a on the woofers (with your 400s on the mid/tweeters?) please give us feedback with your results.