wattpuppy 5.1 or von schweikert 4mk3hse

im looking to upgrade my speakers and two choices appear, the watt puppy 5.1 or the von schweikert 4mk3 hse.some people tend to say that V.S are superior,but having owned wilsons wittmk2 id find difficult to believe,having seen the baskets of 8'' woofer on v.s.4mk1 was stamped steel.i know its not all cos theres a big difference in price between the two brands.but regardless of the price tag which would be best.ive got spectral gear.thanks
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Haven't heard the Watt/Puppy, but the Gen III HSE VR4 uses all different drivers than the Mark I version. Gone are the stamped basket 8" drivers, being replaced by two 9" drivers using composite carbon fiber. I don't know the details of these woofers, but I can say the bottom end is vastly superior to that of the original speaker, which I owned for about 4 years. Both the midrange and the tweeter are improved too, the latter being the 400.00/each ring radiator.

Hopefully someone who has spent quality time with both speakers in question will chime in. I too would like to know how they compare.

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Sorry to be a "parrot" but I have read Spectral isn't a good match for Wilson.--Sorry, just thought I'd throw that out for some comments re. whether this is true/or not.