Revel Studio or Von Schweikert VR4 Mk1 or Salk HT3

Hey everyone....getting back into the hifi game and have been doing a lot of research on speakers.

I've "narrowed" it down to the following although it's quite a list at this point still...i'm sure i'll get a wide array of responses but that's what i'm looking for at this point especially some of the speakers i cannot demo due to factory direct sales.

Here's the short list:
Revel Ultima Studio (original)
Von Schweikert VR4 MkI
Salk Veracity HT3
Kef 207/2
Wilson Sophia (original)

I can just about find a set of any of these for around $4000-$4500 so looking for what everyone thinks is the best deal.

I've got a wide range of musical interests from Jazz to Acoustic to Rock.
First off, I should point out that I have only heard two speakers on your list, the original Revel Studios, and the Wilson Sophias, (which "kind of" reminded me of the Revel Studios to be honest, as they both were a bit on the analytical side), but both were very good speakers.

FYI: I used to own the original Revel Studios, (for about five years actually), as it was my first foray into near reference speakers. They were very good speakers for the money, especially now that the used prices for them has dropped down to the price range you indicated, (which brackets what I sold them for awhile back - $4400.)

They imaged and soundstaged very well, which was one of their strengths. Another strength was their bass response, which while not extremely deep, (as they went down to about 30 Hz), was deep enough, and the bass response was very quick and tight. The mid-range was fairly neutral, and it was tonally balanced with the bass and treble.

The treble response was well extended, and plentiful. (In fact some people thought they were slightly bright, but they do have controls for both the front and back tweeters, in case one wanted to adjust them). In addition, the treble response was not as refined as my current speakers are, the EgglestonWorks Andra II's. (But I guess that was to be expected, given the tweeters that the Andra II uses are the renowned Dynaudio Isotar tweeters - and the Andra II's cost double what the Studios do.)

All in all, I would say that the Revel Studios are a near reference speaker, falling somewhere in the "B+" range using Stereophile's grading. (Although I believe that Stereophile originally put them in their "A" category, which probably meant they were "A-" speakers).

I will also point out that they like a fair amount of power. I started out with a 100 wpc Levinson, (No. 27), and quickly determined that it was not enough power. I then (temporarily) upgraded to the Levinson No. 23 amp, (200 wpc), and that was much better. I had all the power reserves I needed to make the bass response quick and tight. (Eventually I upgraded to the 200 wpc Lamm M2.1 monoblocks, but that is probably overkill for the Studios, although it certainly brought out the best in them.) Assuming that you have a powerful amplifier, I can certainly recommend them, especially so at that price.

My two cents worth.
Good Luck in search!
4 G's for Kef 207/2 is pretty good, to say the least...
Do you mean the older model of Kef, the 207 or the 207/2? All the speakers you have listed are $5000-$6000ish used except for the Kef 207/2 which is $12000ish used. Now the older model Kef the 207 would fall into the $5000-$6000 range.

I have never heard any of these speakers but the Kef, Revel, and Wilson will hold their value the best....
I'm biased , but the Studio's are hard to beat . Stereophiles joint speaker of the year 2001 . You have pickled some good ones .
Thanks guys. Yes i meant the original 207...i wish i could get the 207/2's for $4000...Everyone has raved so much about the 207/2 maybe i should save up!

i have another possible opportunity for some Gallo Reference 3.1's. I've heard these are giant killers but not many reviews out there...anyone have experience?
Unless you are talking about the SR. the VR4 Mark I can be had for under 1500.00. However, I don't think it is any competition for the other speakers mentioned.

I think Salks are well north of your price point. The HT3s are around $6,000 and the HT2-TLs (which I bought new) are pushing $5,000. Occasionally, very occasionally a used set shows up holding their price fairly well. Beautiful sounding as well as stunning in appearance.
Sorry, the standard HT-2s are $4,200. Add some custom wood or other options and tack on another 200-300 bucks. I paid right around $4,200 for mine with a solid front baffle, matching plinths and in redgum. Before the price increase recently. The process of dealing with the Salk team is great, you feel like one of the family! Listening to them now.
Thanks wntrmute2. I'm still trying to figure out what the heck i want to do...I've shifted a little attention towards the other pieces i also need to pick up in my system. I've been favoring nice integrated's lately so looking at the NAD M2, Simaudio 5.3 and LFD Zero MkIII/IV.

Anyway back to the OP...There is a pair of Salk HT3 out there right now for $4000 local pickup...beautiful custom finish too but this "local" is about a 6 hour drive for me and tough to jump without hearing.

I've started to chop down my list a bit...
Salk HT3 (used)
Kef 207/2 (used) (~$6500)
VSA VR4SR MkI (used)

With the Salk and VSA, nobody i know has them to demo so tough to commit. VSA himself mentioned an issue with the phase plug on the MkI design which has me a little leery. I know they can be updated (at a pretty steep cost) to 90% of a VR5 though which I've read are fantastic.

But the Kef's I've heard and they are awesome...big but awesome. I don't know how the 205, 203, or 201 compare though so may be able to go that route if i get a chance and save on footprint and cost if i even get 70% of the 207 sound. Anybody have experience with the lower series Kef's?
Just placed my Monitor Audio GS10's and GSLCR up for sale...the process has begun =)
Check out the Salk forum on the Audio Circle. There is an audition list you can search or post to, hopefully finding a pair close to you to audition. I think I'd make a 6 hour trip to audition a speaker I was going to spend that kind of change for. Just bring a good sized vehicle, those speakers are big.