Warm Up Time Tube Phono Preamplifiers

New to tubes, wondering about warm up time for new Project Phono DS Box and after listening is it wise to turn off? I leave all solid state gear, amplifiers, sources on or at least in standby.

You should turn off your tube gear.  Just wears out the tubes.   Usually tube gear sounds best after 15-30 minutes.
I am good to go on my phono stage (Rhea) about half way through the 2nd side of my first LP. 
Much appreciated cerrot and jfrech.
Don't forget that tubes also have a break-in period before they sound their best.

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Thanks lak, what is the usually break in time?
Also pretty new to having some tubes and now have a tube preamp.  I agree that it sounds its best after about 20-30 minutes.
Really enjoying, definitely noticing a difference from straight solid stste. Last night enjoyed some Lee Morgan and Bill Evans. Am interested in the variety of tubes available and the differences that other members mention. Curious and look forward to picking some up and checking out.

Lak is right.  If a new phono stage, or new tubes...the tubes will take ~50-100 hours to settle down...the phono stage could take longer.

Best way is to listen and enjoy the ride :)
Looking forward to it.