Want to upgrade my cartridge from 2m blue to black

My first post here on the forums and I needed an honest opinion. I have a cheap music hall mmf 2.2 turntable with 2m blue installed. I like the sound but was wondering if I can get better details from upgrading to a black cartridge on my basic turntable. Would it be worth it? I’m definitely an analog lover but am budget constrained. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
You should be able to find a used Music Hall 5.1 for less than the cost of the cartridge you're considering and that will be a more significant upgrade than adding a better cartridge to that table. 

That table is decent, but it has inexpensive feet, a cheap tonearm, and not much (if any) isolation or mass in the plinth.  It does not handle bass very well, it tends to sound a bit "tubby". 

The 5.1 has much better isolation and a better tonearm and will sound much "tighter" and overall better than the 2.2.  No matter how good of a cartridge you put on the 2.2 you won't change the inherent problems the platform has.
chakster I do not know if it's physically possible to switch a blue stylus with the black stylus. I just would not do it. Besides, the cost of the black stylus is within 200$ of the cost of the entire cartridge (stylus 570$, cartridge with stylus 755$), I would still advise the OP to get a 2M bronze to replace the blue; it costs about 450$
@bsmg he could ask any Ortofon dealer about it online. 

@tubelvr1 If the Black stylus is so expensive i would recommend Ortofon M20FL Super with nude FineLine diamonds. Great cartridge that can be find NOS for about $200-300 or even for a lower price. Seach on audiogon forum for user feedbacks. I still have NOS stylus for it, but i don't have cartridge body. 
Ortofon’s site says the black stylus can be swapped into a bronze body but does not mention any other swap. You need to be wary of NOS old cartridges; the stylus suspension can / will deteriorate and become stiff over time.
The Black stylus can be swapped into any of the 2M bodies the difference is that the "better" ones gets selected for the Bronze and Black - the runts for the Red and Blue.  The electrical specs are listed as 1.2kOhm for the Bronze and Black - 1.3kOhms for the Red and Blue.

Be careful pulling the the wire leads of the 2M series the cartridge pins can pull out if the clips are too tight.  

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