Wadia owners - what power cords do you suggest?

Hi all!
I recently joined the club of Wadia owners and lovers but realized that my 381 is very sensitive to power cord selection. Therefore I would be greatful for your recommendations. I saw several postings praising virtual dynamics but I am confused with their nomenclature. Is there a sweetspot in the VD power cord series like the Master LE 2.0 or is a Master 3.0 already a great idea? I would also love to hear from people which previously used VD on their Wadias and now have cables were you do not need a wrestling education (and also sound as good).
Many thanx in advance!
I've had a 581se and now a 781i. I've had the top of the line VD, Stealth, Dream State, and a few other power cords on them.

I've settled on the Silent Source "The Music Reference" power cord (List Price: $1,599.00), as well as the balanced interconnect.

Call Lloyd Walker, you can try them for 30 days.

John Pharo at The Cable Company also has them in their library, along with almost any power cord you'd like to try.

I am using a Synergistic Research Tesla Hologram D on my Wadia 581 and couldnt be happier, the cable is designed to be used on digital components.
I was using Revelation Audio's Precept II Cryo-Silver™ Reference A/C Mains cable with my Wadia 830. It made an audible difference.

Great product but I can't say the same about the company.

Thank´s to all of you for your informative answers and thank you Troy for your PM!