VTL Tube amps power

Hi all, I have VTL 300 Deluxe which is 300W/chanel with 8 power tubes in each chanel. Since I don't need that much power for my second system, can I just pull out 6 tubes in each side and just leave 2 of them for each side which is about 75W/chanel, then check the bias to lower the power and also save the tubes? Does it hurt any thing to the amp down the road?. Thanks alot for any informations
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Switch the amp to Triode mode and enjoy a calming bliss, if it doesn't have the switch talk to VTL about a mod.

This will still not let you run with tubes removed.. I would agree with Rilte804: Bad Idea!
Thanks for all your responses, I try to email to VTL many times but there is no answers that is why I need the circuit diagram to see how I can put that switch in and or doing some modification with it. Again, Thanks very much for all your suports
As you know, the amps cannot be "switched" to triode; there is no switch. However, they can be converted to triode. But I would not do it. A friend bought a pair that have been converted to triode, and has not been able to sell them. They are currently listed here on Agon. Modifications are bad for resale, especially to classic pieces like these.

Why are you concerend about having too much power? Most problems arise out of not having enough power. You have a great sounding pair of classic amps. Tube life is very long on these amps. I would just use them as is, and enjoy them. Leave them alone! There is a reason these amps sound the way they do. Do experiment with input tubes. Tele's (real ones), Miniwatt gold pin, are my faves.

Good luck.
If it's just about saving the tubes, why not sell the 300 and buy a smaller amp and pocket the savings?
Just an FYI...I would suggest calling VTL, e-mail is not a preferred way to communicate with them. I get the sense they are overly-cautious to put anything in writing. This is my experience with them over the years.

Hope it helps.