VTA for Lyra Delos

I set the VTA "according to theory" ;), i.e. with arm parallel to the record, but I've read that some people think the Delos "likes" the arm be "reared up", I mean with the tail a little bit lower than the cart.
Is it so ? What's your experience / opinion ?

(obviously, I may try myself, but... I'm interested in what you think)
The idea is to achieve an SRA of 92 degrees, which is presumably achieved with the tonearm parallel to the record surface. However, given the variance in styli mounting as now well documented, setting the tonearm parallel to the record might not necessarily result in 92 degrees. So absent a good USB microscope with measuring, you might have to set it up by ear.

I have a Delos mounted on a VPI Classic and I set the tonearm parallel to the record surface using a medium-thick record as to my ears it sounds best. Perhaps my stylus was mounted correctly...:)
Dear Daniele,
Speaking as a fellow Delos user, my experiences are similar to Actus's.
I found that the closer the ambient temp got to 22 C the closer the ideal VTA gets to "horizontal". This indicates that Yoshinori has done a fine job of setting up and aligning the generator.

In the depths of Winter a slight tail down attitude is definitely preferred. (Worst case, approx 0.6mm did the trick)
If it's easier/more recoverable to adjust VTF that might work better for you?

Kind regards.....
Just bought a pre-owned Delos (ed 1). Is the current Delos a new model or still ed 1? If so, what are the main changes? I picked my pre-owned Delos up for a very fair price and am very pleased. I'm keeping my Soundsmith Zephyr as back up carty. For the record, while the Delos is a cut above the Zephyr in almost every way, I still think the Zephyr is a very, very fine carty at its price point.