VT100 for D38?

Has anyone owned these two combination? Audio research VT100II and Proac D38? Is it true that D38 needs SS to get it to really sing? What would be a good match for VT100ii otherwise? Thanks.
I think ARC and ProAc is a pretty popular combination. I've not heard that ProAc needs SS, seems like a tube friendly brand, though things might have changed with the D series. Good combos with ARC gear is Magnepan, Vandersteen, and many others, that is a very good amp.
I haven't tried the VT100 with the D38, but I used to have my D38's with a pair of Cary 805AE's. It ran the D38's OK, but my more beefy CAD-211AE's ran them even better.

I have also tried the D38's with my Pioneer A400. It's a different class of amplifier - 15 years old, integrated SS, 75W (c.f. 110W for the 211AE) and AUD$600 when new (as opposed to the AUD$22,000 CAD-211AE!). It was thin sounding and dynamics nowhere as good as the CAD-211AE. Totally unfair comparison, but I did it because I had the equipment to hand and was curious.

I think the VT100 should be a good match for the ProAc, but that's a wild guess. ARC sound is very neutral (or "sterile" if you are not a fan). If you are looking for more of the same type of sound, look elsewhere. If you marry the two, I am certain that the ProAc sound will dominate.
I brought VT100iii and did demo with D38r.Bass all over the place! mid and highs are very good and can played loud too! D38r needs SS if tight bass responds are needed!