Tubes for ARC VT100


I am looking to replace the power tubes in my ARC VT 100. I had previously purchased from Upscale but they would not supply ARC owners anymore.

As I am from singapore, there is no company that sells with that kind of testing that Upscale does. I did buy from a shop in Singapore once and had to throw it all away as the tubes were all faulty.

So if anyone that has ARC gear can recommend tubes and where to buy, it would be appreciated
I've bought matched quads of power tubes from Tube Depot and have been very satisfied plus they have a large selection of 6550's.
Thanks. Do they run the tubes for a period of time first before despatching them like Upscale Audio?
Andy at Vintage Tube Services is who you should call. All his tubes are properly tested.Check out his website and you will see what I mean. Good Luck
Danieljoseph- I know that the Upscale site states that they are no longer retubing the VT-100's(ie: on the SED 6550 and KT88 pages), BUT- has Kevin actually told you that he won't SELL you tubes? Perhaps that statement refers to THEM doing the retubing, rather than the owner? Have you actually called/e-mailed and asked?
Jim McShane - Citation amps & Tubes
Yes I emailed Kevin and he said he would not sell tubes for ARC. Although I guess one could tell him that it is for another amp as how could he know what brand one has
Kevin Deal pulled the same crap on me 6 months ago. I called Music Reference in Santa Barbara and told him the story. I brought him my amp and he ran the tubes for half a day to make sure they were ok. He even cleaned and biased the amp for free. Give Roger a called he's a great guy.
I cannot understand how a company can ban selling tubes for a certain brand. If he has an issue with ARC, then he should take it up with them. But why on customers. This is absurd.

I don't know why he is not selling to ARC customers and I did not bother to ask
Sad to hear that! The VT-100 can be hard on it's output tubes, somewhat convoluted to bias and requires matched quads. Perhaps Kevin weighed a possibly high failure rate's impact on his product's reputation against the ire of the ARC owners, and opted for the ire. I'm guessing, but- It's his business, his throat and his prerogative. Hopefully, you won't have any trouble finding reliable tubes through the vendors suggested in here and will be back to enjoying your music soon.
Second Jim McShane for the matching and burn in testing you are looking for.