VPI Scoutmaster Question???

I have a Scoutmaster that was upgraded from a Scout about a year ago with VPI's upgrade package. The upgraded motor is square, and the junction box sits on a small metal platform that is suspended from the tonearm.

I have seen pictures of this configuration on the internet, but I have also seen pictures with a round motor and the junction box bolted directly to the plinth.

I was just curious why these differences, and which one is the current v. older configuration? Finally, is one configuration "better" than the other?

Thanks....and no, I haven't emailed this question to VPI yet....thought I'd see if any of you smart ones knew the answer first.
The Square Motor assembly is the Current. The Round motor, & and the junction box bolted directly to the plinth where used in the early concept stages when the Scoutmaster was concieved. Yet VPI got complaints at the motor cut-out in the plinth was still rectangular. What you have is the most recent version of VPI's design.
Audiobugged -- Thanks for the info......curiousity cured.