VPI Scoutmaster feet

To date, I've used the standard VPI cone feet on my TT to adjust for the slight level inaccuracy of the built-in shelf in my listening room. However, to level properly it left two of the cones toward what I would consider a bit of an extreme with respect to a decently firm contact with the TT.

Thinking of replacing the cones with the VPI flat feet. To those that have these, do they allow (and are they designed) to be used for levelling? I understand within reason; the amount of levelling I'm talking about is on the order of say 3-4 mm max or so.

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TT Weights makes totally awe inspiring feet for your TT. 1/2 inch of adjustment and they LOCK TIGHT. No candy a** foam here! Threads into your plinth like the VPI feet, but they snug up tightly. Then there is a rubber o-ring set into the base puck to add damping. As a bonus the o-ring keeps my TT from sliding around on the slippery Gingko platform. They are beautiful too. Here are a couple photos:


These feet add about an inch. TT Weights you can find here on the 'Gon or the link below. He'll make you a riser for your motor if needed. I do not recall what I paid exactly, but it was around $500 for the 4 feet and the riser.

The rubber in the feet barely protrude. I think I'll try my set-up without the Gingko platform as what you are saying makes sense.