VPI HR-X with 12.6 or........?

.......my current 2001 Aries with a Schroder DPS arm? Or a Tri-Planer.....or Phantom? Would One of these arms make a bigger difference then the HR-X with the 12.6 arm? If so...which arm?
I have heard so many good thing about the Schroder. I also wonder what delivery would be? Are they easy to install?
Dear Rwd: All the tonearms that you named ( and many others ) are top performers, no question about.

Which best for you?. This depend on many factors, one of them extreme important is with which cartridge do you want to match that tonearm. The relationship between tonearm and phono cartridge is critical and the synergy between both devices is a very desired one.

Regards and enjoy the music.

I am using a Lara Helikon cartridge and occasionally a Benz wood body. Does that help?