VPI HW-9 MK2 vs MK3 vs MK4?

What's differences among MKii, MKiii and MKiv?
Any significant difference? Or, are they pretty much the same tables?
Are they comparable to Rega P5 or MMF7?
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theres a big difference between a MRKII and the MRKIVs platters are thicker on the MRKIV also larger feet and an isolated motor. I would go for the VPI over the Regas and the music hall. I had both and the VPI is a better built tt and just as easy to setup.
Funny you should start this thread, having recently upgraded from an older MK.2 to an Mk. 4 with TNT platter,SAMA,and defeated supension, I am still in the process of fully realizing the differences, I can say there is a HUGE difference! not that the MK.2 is a slouch, its just that the 4 gets soo much more music out of the grooves. I know it's been said before but here it goes again "Blacker backrounds" etc,,,most of it comes from the better bearing and the High mass platter, and motor that is separate from the plinth,It is a very musical affair.
To sum up what we've discussed-the differences are the 19 2,and 3 are the same with the exception of acrylic plinth upgraded springs, lower mass platters and captive motor assembly. Their ease of set up is the same just a much better executed isolated motor and higher mass platter.
hope this helps

I agree with with Schipo and Braab8.
I went from a Rega to a HW-19
MK ll and loved the difference
right away [using the same arm and cartridge]. Each time I've upgraded I noticed a marked improvement. I now have a MKlV and it's a wonderfull sounding TT. Built like a tank, easy to set-up, upgrade and maintain.
Also with a Rega, you're stuck with a Rega arm [not that it's a bad thing] or an arm with the Rega arm geometry. With the HW-19 you can swap out the arm board for various arms.
You may also want to look into VPI's unsuspended line of tables
[Scouts & Aires]
Many thanks for your thought.
I have Thorens TD145MKii with Grado Gold Prestige.
My upgrade attempt for a new TT has been changed from MMF5/Rega 3 to MMF7/Rega 5, then to VPI HW-19. My budget has been changed from $400 to $900.
According what I heard from my friends and audio forum, MMF5/Rega 3 do not seem to be an enough of upgrade. When I was considering MMF7/Rega5, I looked at some of the forsale ads in audiogon for VPI HW-19 at around $800~$900.
I would not be able to strecth any more from my pocket. Will consider some of MKii or MKiii.

How about clearaudio Emotion? There is one for sale at $950 with Satisfy tonearm and Clearaudio Aurum Classics Satine Wood cartridge. It looks much better (very important to get an approval/complimemt from my wife) than VPI. Would it be as good in sound as its appearance?
Comment regards about 2-19-08 ihcho-----guys how about the common sense factor,after you have been around tt for a good while its like math,1&1is 2 2&2 is 4/ MMF Tables, Project-Rega and alike are like toys compared to a VPI. A19 jr can beat the pants off A mmf7 and its all relative so on down the line. Iam not saying this because iam judging other comments, iam not. The Shadow Knows signed Lamont---