VPI Aries with JMW-10 need help

I need a cartridge and phone pre-amp and my budget is 2000.00. What would be the most bang for the buck. I don't want to make a mistake due to my financial situation. Thanks.
There are many choices, but do realize that the JMW, being a unipivot works best with cart's that are higher compliance Cu's. At least 12 dyne on the cart. My experience with the Aries/JMW 10 was excellent using the Dynavector 17D2MkII Karat, but since its a low output, youll need a phono stage with high gain, or a step up tranny like a K&K. You'll want at least 60db gain total

. The Dyna DV-10X5 HO, or DV-20XH would be good with no need for a step up device with a phono stage that supports about 50db gain. The Step up transformers like the k&K is sold for about $300 if you need one.

I used a ZYX Fuji-SH with 0.48mV output into a ARC PH3 SE with only 54 db gain, and it was more than enough. This combo will be slightly over your self imposed $2K budget..but sounds great on the Aries/JMW10, and exceptional on the newer Aries2.In fact the Dyna 17D2MkII sounds more complete with the Aries 2..just for reference.

If you want a tube phono stage..the ARC PH3 is great at its used price of~$800. A Nice SS phono would be the Bryston BP-1.5 at about ~1200 used. A ZYX Fuji from Sorasound(Mehran) for under $1500...or if thats a stretch..look at the R-100 at under 1K for sure. Even the lower ZYX line is a tremendous value for the price/performance, and mates very nicely with the 10 arm. Good luck.
When I had a linestage, I had a MacCormack Phono Drive (not the micro) combined with a Shelter 501 Mk II.

Was happy with the results. with what I know now, I would probably throw in a cartridgeman isolater with it.

happy listening,
I was using a Grado Reference with my Aries JMW/10. I thought it sounded really good. I would recommend this with the PH3 SE as mentioned above. As Kehut says though; if you can stretch your budcet to the ZYX you will be better off in speed, detail, and extension.
Many vintage preamps with phono.....go for a conrad Johnson premier 5 or 9. Classe DR series 5 or 6. Audio research 6B,8MRKII,10 or even the 11. SO many at great prices.
Try again, Schipo. The CJ Premier 5 is a power amp and the Premier 9 is a DAC :-)

Me, I'd go for a Denon DL-103 and an EAR 834P (used) and save half your money. Good luck, Dave
I would try new PSAudio phono stage which can be returned to PSAudio for full refund if you don't like it.I likemine a lot since it is fully balanced, have olume control and lot of gain to run even very low MC cartridges. Also lot of adjustment as far as load.
Sorry about using the wrong number prefix for Conrad Johnson it would be the PV 5 or PV 9. Thank you for the correction.
Clearaudio Virtuoso Mk2 Wood body + Graham Slee Era Gold. No issues and done deal, a very very very nice combination.