What to put under my Aries turntable ?

First, what is it that we are trying to eleminate and to acheive by doing so?
Second, is the location of the turntable in the room, like behind one of the speaker, a problem?
I would like to hear about what have been your solution and what you have gain from it, thanks.
Vibration is what we are trying to minimize. I recommend a short rigid stand dedicated to the turntable. Sometimes the area behind a speaker can have a strong bass buildup. This is counterproductive. If there is feedback or other bad things happening, try other locations.
Music Direct has a set of specially made carbon fibre footers from Black Diamond Racing for the Aries to help aid in vibration control. If you have a sound level meter, such as those inexpensively available from Radio Shack, and a CD with bass test tones, such as is available from Stereophile, move around your room with it to get some base line readings and then check the area where the turntable is positioned. If the SPL is above the level of your base line readings you have sited your table where a bass mode is prevalent and it should be moved. You can also try this by ear, using a record with heavy bass, but it takes a bit more practice. You will have to put your ear in the general vicinity of the turntable. If you would like a visual indication of the amount of vibration reaching your turntable just play bass heavy music on your CD rig and put a glass of water on the platter, or remove the turntable and place the glass on the rack. Finally, to check for feedback, place the needle on the groove with the turntable off, as in not turning. Increase the volume on the preamp. If you hear howling then you have a direct feedback path. Oh, and turn it down real quick. Yeah, I have way too much time on my hands. Good luck.
I have my table sited on a granite slab which basically is very rigid. In addition, I have found that putting DH Squares under the turntable feet dampens it further and makes the playback more musical.
You expertise are much appreciated and may I had, the concern and generosity, inspiring.
Tell me CmK, where can you get those DH Squares and whats their price?
Check out their website to find a dealer near your location :

Music direct has them at $9.99ea