VPI Alignment Jig

I have a question about the VPI alignment jig for the Scoutmaster, Seeing how it is adjustable how does one know with absolute certainty that it is correct. The people at VPI were suppose to set my cartridge up for me, when I put the jig on the TT to check their alignment I find that the stylis does not fall exactly where it should. It comes up a little short of the dot, this leaves me to feel that the jig is responsable. Any advice would be appreciated.
Why not ask VPI?
CAll VPI.. My alignment jig was set up when I got it and considered that to be correct.
You are supposed to adjust it so it's tight against the tonearm post when the other end is over the spindle, then lock the screw down.
Now you align your cart.
Stringreen that is what I thought also, but like I said in my post; when I checked it the stylis fell short of being on the dot.
Riffer I have emailed them, waiting for a response.
Good news Harry W. at VPI says do not adjust the cartridge, it is set at the factory by scope for the minimum wave form distortion.