Von Schweikert VRS/1 subwoofer - thoughts?

I am wondering what people think of this sub. It's small footprint gives it a leg up the competition in my small apt. Anybody use it with totem speakers?
I own two in my second system, but have never used them with Totems. IMO, they're one of the better subs out there. They have a mess of power for such a small box, and are lightning quick and tight as hell. I'm still amazed at their performance. I don't know the Totem line that well, but one (and preferably two) of the VRS/1s would probably elevate those speakers to a whole 'nutha level. BTW, I'm a BIG VSA fan, so take my comments with a healthy grain of salt. But I'm sure I won't be the only to sing their praises.
I'm a big VS fan also. But I'd also look at Rel subs.
If you're going to check out REL subs, hop over to MJ Acoustics at http://www.mjacoustics.co.uk and check out their lineage (I'm another VSA fan)
Another VSA fan who owns the VRS/1. I use it in tandem with 4JRs in HT and multi-channel SACD only (not for 2 channel) and it is a really nice sub. The power and quickness are amazing. I am thinking of picking up another.
I combined my Von Schweikert VR-1s with an REL Q108E instead of the VRS-1 sub and am very happy. I wasn't able to demo this sub, so I can't say, but if it is anything like my VR-1s, it has to be fantastic. Good luck!
I have a pair of VR-1's with a Martin Logan Depth sub. It may seam like overkill but cheap subs do more wrong than right.

Audition any new sub before you buy it and use a 10 meter interconnect to move it all around the room (the couple of places you can live with it anyway).

If you can afford two subs and you have a fairly symetrical room there is no better than stereo subs. If your room or set-up is not symetrical one sub will work fine with proper placement.

Good luck!
Bignerd100 makes a good point. Subs are very very difficult to integrate and the budget ones can ruin a refined sound, so make sure it's worth it to you. Listen first.

I know someone that would have to change the level on the sub for each LP because it was too loud on some and too soft on others.