Von Schweikert VR4 SR II speaker spikes

I'm ready to add the spikes after 9 months of break-in, but I'd like something that's better looking than the standard spikes; maybe a nice cone type spike. Anybody try this yet. I don't want to replace the threaded insert either, just screw in a different spike that matches the OEM insert. Thanks.
These look good to me.

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I third them :-)!
Check out their Sistrum stands also. If you call Starsound, they are very helpful.
When the VR4's are properly coupled there is no need to mass load this speaker. In fact when properly coupled it is easy to hear all the negatives of mass loading. The others have provided you with the best suggestion in mechanical coupling. Tom

I have these under my VSA 5's...they look good and work well. Easy to install too.
I'd second Sistrum- significant improvement over Audiopoints.