Von Schweikert DB-99 Owners

I have been considering the DB-99 with ribbon tweeter option to replace my Quad 988's. I have read that the speakers since they are very efficient may make the speakers sensitive to electrical noise. Currently I use a Richard Gray 12 plug power cleaner and use Audio Prism
plug ins as well and I currently have no noise whatsoever.
Does anybody have any problems with noise?
Mine are nice and quiet...plugged right into the wall no filtering.
No problems- I have a dedicated line. Have had problems with bad interconnect giving hum but when things are set up right things are all quiet.
The the biggest problem folks experience with high efficiency speakers is typically from the noise floor levels of the electronics, especially noise from tubes, and specially noise from tube pre-amps and tube sources. Thats not to say you won't hear more RFI or other line noise, but if you don't have any now thats a good sign. Especially if there is not much difference between your present speakers and the DB99's.

PS I'm not a DB99 owner.
I had a hum in my system when I first got them. I found that the source was an improper ground connection in one of my dedicated lines. My old speakers were not efficient enough to have it show (about 88db). Now that I have fixed the ground contact, there is no noise. I do not use any noise filtering on the subs either.