Visually Discrete, Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

I am setting up an office system, using Arcam electronics and ProAc Tablette Reference 8 Signature speakers. I have heard the ProAcs with a variety of cables, and they do seem to benefit from bi-wiring. However, I do not want to have bulky boxes (MIT) or battery-packs (AudioQuest) hanging off the back of the little ProAcs, nor do I want any wild colors to draw attention to them. Do you folks have any suggestions on bi-wire speaker cables that are more discrete looking, but which sound excellent? A more flexible cable would be able advantageous as well. I really liked the sound of bi-wire MIT AVt1's with this Arcam/ProAc setup, but again, those boxes will be out of place in my office. Similarly, I have Cardas Neutral Reference at home, and I love the sound (and looks, for a home cable), but anything that thick is going to look odd coming out of the back of the little ProAcs. The way my office is setup, you get a good profile view of the speakers. The Siltek's that were reviewed in the lastest TAS seem like they could be contenders. Does anyone have an opinion on them?

Thanks, TOm.
Audience Au24! Though Audience seems to be against bi-wiring, but they sell it anyway. Discreet, flexible, and sounds great!
Thanks for the tip. The Audience cables certaily look like they may fit the bill. How well do the less expensive models compare? The Maestro or Conductor may make better sense, considering the relative investments. Other cable companies which look promising include Analysis Plus, BetterCables, DH Labs, & JPS Labs.

The cheaper Audience cables are actually thicker. They're good for the money though.
I did not know that! Thanks.

Well, after talking to my dealer about trading in my MIT AVt3's, I was presented with a very good offer on AudioQuest cables, and ended up ordering some Gibraltar cables, which while not necessarily thin, they are fairly sedate, visually.